Tuesday, October 03, 2006


On what planet is faffing around for an entire 6 hours and writing only 2 paragraphs of a story which I will delete tomorrow "being a writer."?
I suck.


Anonymous said...

william burroughs says that if you write something you like straight away then you should tear it in to a thousand pieces and throw it in someone else's dustbin......
it's all about the editing and the refining, though, isn't it??? i kind of like that aspect of being so tough with yourself and having set the bar so high that you can sling a week's work and feel great about doing so...you know it makes for
a great outcome eventually....although it's rough sometimes......when i've spent a month solid writing, recording and mixing a piece of music, and i come back to it after a couple of days and relise that it's just not good enough there's a moment of slump, followed by a moment of grim determination, and finally a sense of liberation.....so i say : if in doubt, throw it out. you suck if you DON'T crack the whip over yourself a bit....

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