Monday, March 12, 2007

3 for 2's

If you went into a bookshop and they offered you a free book from a selection of 150 assorted titles you'd take one right? Who wouldn't? I simply can't conceive of not being pleased to get a free book. Every single day at work someone will come to the counter and I will kindly inform them that as 2 of the books they are purchasing are part of our 3 for 2 offer they are entitled to select a free book. Sometimes they will be happy, they will thank me for telling them, we will smile, I will patiently put their other book choices to one side as they take the time to enjoy choosing a book FOR FREE. Sometimes they will be a bit startled, they feel forced into making an on the spot decision. In that case I reassure them that they can take their time and it's not any problem at all. Sometimes they say they don't know what to pick, I will happily advise them, find out what they like and suggest one. But sometimes they say
"I don't want one."
And I just don't get it. Surely, even if they are the kind of person who only buys 2 books a year and doesn't even read them, they must have a friend or family member or someone who they could give a book to as a gift. It would cost them nothing. Grr. I am very broke at the moment, and there are several books in the current offer that I really want to read, what if I scanned them through as the third book and kept them. That would be cool. I assume however that it is WRONG to do such a thing, so of course won't. I like my job, I aim to keep it so will continue to silently curse at the people who don't want a FREE BOOK.


Carfilhiot said...

Well, Maybe they've spent long enough selecting two and the thought of looking for another that they'd like is a bit daunting.

I suggest that you make them feel good by suggesting that they donate the third book to a charity. You take delivery of the charity book and read it on the way to Oxfam. Honour is satisfied.


Vanessa G said...

or even suggest, if they don't want one, could you have it instead?

I bet they'd soon rush off to stop you taking 'their' book!

Aren't people wierd?


Kay Sexton said...

Absolutely nothing to do with the subject - I came into 'the shop' to meet you last week 'cos I worked out where it was and was feeling strangely sociable (for me, any kind of sociable is strange) ... and they said you weren't there. I think you were hiding from the mad writing woman, personally.

Sara said...

Oh! Hello Kay. I can assure you that I wasn't hiding from you! I do however only work Saturday's at the moment. If you are ever feeling sociable again please do drop in.

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