Friday, March 23, 2007

Writers should write right?

It's the fundamental thing isn't it. A writer should write, if a writer is not writing then THEY'RE NOT A FUCKING WRITER.
Which makes me;
A procrastinating waffling blog hound forum haunter internet loser time wasting liar.


Anonymous said...

that's not true.....writer's observe...and refine, in a kind of internalised alchemy, the things that they observe..and they run through things in their head.....actually if you spent all your time writing you wouldn't have lived a life to write about, or seen anything to inspire you...i sometimes think that the actual picking up the clay, bass guitar, typewriter, paint brush etc. is the last part of a long process that involves a great deal of apparently staring in to space...but you aren't staring in to space, are you??? you're processing information for the moment when you go about your art, whatever it is......

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