Wednesday, June 27, 2007

blah blah blah MACBOOK blah blah blah.

My Mac Book is fucking amazing. Seriously, I am absolutely delighted with it (so far, she says, hoping not to incur the wrath of sods law.)
It is brilliant to work on and so quick and simple to use. Ahhh. Lovely Mac.
Anyway, I am hoping that now my old PC is officially dead ("You mean nothing to me," I screamed at it yesterday as I ripped the leads from it's useless body) that this will mark the beginning of a good working and playing relationship between me and my Mac. I finished a story on it yesterday, and I think it's way more conducive to writing than being stuck in the teeny room upstairs where my pc lived. It's not even a room, it was originally designed to be a walk in wardrobe, so, real small and claustrophobic. Now I can roam the house. I am getting rather backachey though, due to not using my usual chair, can't bring that downstairs, it'd play havoc with the laminated floors!


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