Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A silly quiz, just because...

You're Watership Down!

by Richard Adams

Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you're
actually incredibly deep and complex. You show people the need to rethink their
assumptions, and confront them on everything from how they think to where they
build their houses. You might be one of the greatest people of all time. You'd
be recognized as such if you weren't always talking about talking rabbits.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Which is all rather disappointing. I am certain that I can't possibly be Watership Down!


Anonymous said...

I've never read Watership Down. I have a small rabbit prejudice. I also have a boat prejudice, but that's another story.

I turned out to be A Prayer for Owen Meany. I am, perhaps, god.

Maybe not.

Tania Hershman said...

How do you find this stuff? Turns out that I am : I, Robot! by Isaac Asimov "
While you have established a code of conduct for many generations to follow, your demeanor is rather cold and calculating. Brought up to serve humans, you have promised never to harm them, to follow orders, and to protect yourself. Living up to this code has proved challenging and sometimes even drives you mad. If you were a type of paper, you would be pulp."

I don't really like this. I wouldn't want to be a rabbit but I don't want to be a robot... or pulp.
Not sure what to do now.

Unknown said...

It's a weird concept isn't it? I think I'd rather be W.D than I Robot tho' Tania!

Kirsty, don't go getting a god complex now will you?

Anonymous said...


You're Invisible Man!
by Ralph Ellison
Most of your life, people have either ignored you or told you that you were wrong. You've been duped, mistreated, misled, and neglected. Maybe it was because of your race, or some other uniqueness that people were quick to condemn, but now you just want to crawl into a hole and disappear. After all, nobody knows your name. But you just might speak for everyone.

naah. :P


C. J. Flood said...

Ha ha! I just did the quiz Sara, and apparently I'm Joseph Heller's Catch 22. Have you read that book?
Here's what it said...

"Incredibly witty and funny, you have a taste for irony in all that you
see. It seems that life has put you in perpetually untenable situations, and your sense
of humor is all that gets you through them. These experiences have also made you an
ardent pacifist, though you present your message with tongue sewn into cheek. You
could coin a phrase that replaces the word 'paradox' for millions of

Sounds just right, especially the first part...

Unknown said...

Thought you'd like to know that the sequel to this quiz, the Book Quiz II, was launched this week. Enjoy!

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