Friday, June 13, 2008

Random stuff

1 - The Burroughs book that my colleague was holding when he said "Look, it's Matt..."? Turns out it's subtitled "A book of the dead".

2 - I am desperately struggling to edit a story I love. I love it but know that it doesn't work as it is. Now I have a new end visual in mind and I am working towards getting there, but it's a bit grr. 

3 - I am getting a bit fucked off with reviewing. Instead of choosing what to read I am constantly having to read. It makes such a huge difference. Obviously there are books I am delighted to review but then there are the others. The ones I read for the bookshop, 3 or 4 a month, and they are usually not what I would choose at all. I thought it'd be a good way of opening up my reading, but no, it has just confirmed that I am right to be so picky. Plus, gah, it's taking up so much time.

4 - Possibly hurrah news to share by the end of the month on a new publication.

5 - Summer. Hate it. Sun. Ugh. Heat. Ugh. And no, I'm not one of those who complain whatever the weather. The sun honestly makes me ill. 

6 - I have been listening to Linkin Park and Jay-Z Collision Course and LOVING it so much. I figure I should be embarrassed about it, but wow, so good. I can't work out though if it's just a magic mash, or if I'd like them individually. 


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