Friday, August 29, 2008

Acceptances, hurrah, and speed, or not.

I had two acceptances yesterday. First time I have had two in one day, quite a lovely feeling.

The first was astonishingly quick. I subbed something, and 35 minutes later received an acceptance.

The second took rather longer. I subbed the piece in April, received a query about it in June, and an acceptance yesterday.

I am delighted about both, and as it came just after a couple of form rejections it is all the more pleasant.

I won't tell you where just yet. I like to wait until something is actually published before whoo hoo-ing.


Tania Hershman said...

Well, let me whoo-hoo for you! Yay! If you won't tell us where, at least tell us - are these publications you've never been pubbed in? Great news.... did Duotrope help? ;)

Sparks said...

well, check you. good on you, m'love. it's cool that you're subbing more - obviously your stories are going to get picked up. cos you is ace, innit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, good on you.
And I can relate to your caution...

Unknown said...

Tania - no, duotrope did NOTHING! To answer the question, yes, one I have been in before, and it is ACENESS, and the other is new to me.

Jo - Cheers lovely!

Lane - Yup, caution always best I reckon.

Kerry said...

Yay! Good news all round!!!!!! 35 minutes must be some sort of record :)

pierre l said...

Well done and well deserved Sara. I am looking forward to reading both stories when they appear.

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