Friday, October 24, 2008

Erm, me, at Sparks, reading out loud, into a microphone, sounding strange

Hmmm. Weird one this. Sparks was filmed, and videos of some readers are now up at Beat the Dust.

Mine is here

Very strange to look at myself doing that. It doesn't seem to be me, it does not sound like me. It seems like a jolly, fat lady channelling Joyce Grenfell has got up on stage wearing my clothes, and ENUNCIATED her way through my story.

The others are far more appealing:

Steve Finbow
Martin Reed
Jo Horsman reading for Anna Britten
Melissa Mann


Rachel said...

I think you looked and sounded wonderful. You should hear the twangs and lispths that show themselves when I have a mic in my face. So cool that you shared this :)

Douglas Bruton said...

Not at all Grenfellian... once you relaxed into the story and began to enjoy yourself, this really took off. I loved it.

As to your description of yourself in the post, you left out 'pretty'... which is to say, you need to be more positive about who and what you are.

Liked the story too. Well done Sara.


Sparks said...

As it goes, I think you rock and you're foxy. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh I think you look totally cool. And interestingly, I always thought Porn Mallow was funny, but it is actually even funnier when you read it. Nice t-shirt!

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