Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sparks flew (boom tish!)

I loved Sparks, it was such a cool event. Big thanks to Jo Horsman, a real make happen kinda gal. It was her idea to hold a flash fiction evening in Brighton, and to marry the words spoken with a visual, she chose the perfect venue too.

Initially I was terrified of the stage and microphone and lighting and eeek, all the "proper" stuff. It was my very first time reading, and I was a mass of babbling nerves. The other readers (listed in my previous post) were thankfully very cool and reassuring.

So: good stories, good readers, good photographs, good venue, good people = plenty o' good.

I think I did ok reading, people were kind and laughed in the appropriate places. There is a review by James Burt here, which has made me smile quite a bit!

In the end, apart from the anxious bits, I had a lovely time, and today feel proud to have been part of the very first Sparks. Keep an eye on Jo's blog for details of the next one.

Edit: New review at The Badger


Kerry said...

So chuffed it went well Sara - I knew it would!

Tania Hershman said...

Congrats, it sounds like a wonderful night, well done to all!

I've tagged you. Pop into my blog to see what it's all about!


Sparks said...

ooh - thanks love, you were wonderful and thanks for drawing my attention to the review! i hope you're feeling happy! xxxx

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