Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Cella's Round Trip

Issue number two of the rather wonderful CRT is now up This edition includes "Slippery" from one of my favourite flashers Frances Gapper, and all fictions are accompanied by spot on visuals. Good, good stuff.

P.S I am so jealous. I wish I'd got to go to AWP and hang out with the cool kids (Rachel, Sean, Barry...) Sulk.


annie clarkson said...

Wow, thanks for this tip, what a great magazine... I've written about it in my blog as well... loved your pieces in Issue 1

Unknown said...

Hi Annie, glad you liked it, I think it's a really strong magazine, and of course, I am delighted to have been in issue 1. Thanks for the kind words on your blog, and for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

Rachel said...

Sara, you rock. Thanks for the promo. ;) I'm so glad you liked Issue 02 - I nearly killed myself trying to finish things up before the conference. I SOOOOOOOOO wish you could've come to Chicago AWP with us. It KICKED ASS!! But it would've definitely kicked even more ASS if you could've been there to party with me. :(

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