Sunday, July 05, 2009

Reviews galore (including "Punk Fiction", "What Becomes" and "One More Year")

(Galore is a good word, I haven't used it for ages I don't think. I like it. Say it aloud - "galore", it sounds nice.)

Anyway I have a bunch of reviews online and thought I'd link to them in case anyone fancies a read.

WBQ is now available online as well as in print, and I have a few brief reviews there of (amongst others) Sana Krasikov's "One More Year", A.L Kennedy's "What Becomes" and Andrew Sean Greer's "The Story of a Marriage". Clicky here.

The July edition of The Short Review is now live. I reviewed "Punk Fiction" for them.


BlogSloth said...

Sweet. Thanks for the attitude and the reads.


Gay Degani said...

Galore is a gorgeous is gorgeous.

Will check out my copy of The Short Review which is lingering unopened in my email.

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