Monday, January 10, 2011

Notes To Keep a Life Going at Metazen

My story "Notes To Keep a Life Going" has been published at Metazen. The story originates from the weekly Flash Factory challenge at Zoetrope where the remit was to write a story using list form. My (absent) character felt very real to me and it was fun to try and convey her in this way.

I like how it looks up at Metazen too.


Rachel Fenton said...

I like this form of story where what is omitted tells as much as what is there. Congratulations on the publication. Excellent venue, too.

McGuire said...

Enjoyed. Nice character sketch through the means of notation. The least note was poetry. Sweet. Smells bring you closer to the world.

Keep up the good pen.



Love it. Very poignant.

Sara Crowley said...

Thank you Rachel, McGuire and WRW. I really appreciate you reading and commenting.


astrid said...

I love your site, although can't seem to download Metazen on my bogged-down computer. I've read a lot of your posts and they are very relevant for me. What do you think of simultaneous submissions? I received an acceptance note for a short story from a UK journal, sent out apologies to two other mags and a competition I'd entered, only to be told I'd been longlisted! How nutty is that? I am groaning.

Sara Crowley said...

Hello astrid. Thanks for reading. It's good to hear you are finding some posts relevant. Personally I'm hopeless at sim subbing. I just can't do it. The place I send my story is always the place I want it to go so I don't send it elsewhere in case it is accepted. That's rather time wastey of me. I know plenty of very focused writers who send out sim subs - in a way I think they are more professional than me. Your story must have been good so think of it as a boost and compliment rather than a missed opportunity!


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