Friday, June 24, 2011

She Was Glitter and Shine at Beat the Dust

Thanks to Melissa Mann of Beat the Dust for publishing my story "She Was Glitter and Shine" this month. There's hardly any dialogue as the main character hides herself away and has little contact with the world, which is a tad tricky in fiction as it makes for clumps of reported prose. Anyway, it's there if you fancy a read. As is the splendid "Fade to Black" by Jo Mortimer, and plenty more cracking words too.

Oh, and I had such fun choosing my dream 5 Glasto acts. I was going to be more classic and go for Janis Joplin, Faith no More, Elvis, Billy Bragg and Bunty Chunks but instead went for what I'd like to hear right now.


Rachel Fenton said...

There's a beautiful quiet quality to that story, Sara. I'd wish bright coats and vivacious names for all women - if only it were so simple - but hoorah for the Olives anyway.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Lovely to read - I remember this one...smashing stuff.

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