Sunday, August 14, 2011

Being proud

Brighton is a unique place and I am so glad that I get to regularly go there and work in the coolest bookshop in the country. Pride took place yesterday and Waterstone's had a rather eye-catching window display that I thought I'd share with you:

Missing from the pic are the gorgeous rainbow paper chains that are hanging above the display but I couldn't fit them in. Anyway, the rain cleared away, the sun shone, the parade, erm, paraded, and all was good. 

You all know that I'm also proud of my short story section and I reckon it's time for a new piccy:

See how pleasingly orange the top shelf is, look at how scrumptious Ten Stories About Smoking by Stuart Evers is. And yes, that is Lydia Davis finally available in paperback!


Vanessa Gebbie said...

Sounds such fun - one of these days I'll get there.

Tania Hershman said...

Lovely lovely - the window and your display case! Your short story display makes me happy on a day when I'm feeling particularly depressed about being a short story writer.

C said...

Those are some awesome displays. Glad Pride was thought about. I was gutted I couldn't go but was in Brighton the week before and loved it to bits. Totally going back when finance allows. And hello to a new blog, btw. Thank you to Jane [hprw] for the RT, made me see this :)

Unknown said...

Hi Vanessa - The parade is always fun, and quite moving. The Police always make me do a bit of a gulp - There's a lot of bravery there - the 88 year old man on his mobility scooter holding a placard saying he loves a man and is proud, the police in full uniform etc. And sequins, feathers, glitter in abundance too.

Tania - Thanks - sorry to hear you're feeling depressed as a short story writer. Something specific? The radio 4 cuts? Or a more general bah for this overlooked art form?

Catt - nice to *meet* you! Brighton is such a cool place any time but Pride is rather especially fab. Glad you like our displays :)

Rachel Fenton said...

I love the cover with the fox - what book is that?

Very colourful and fab for a wonderful day.

Tania Hershman said...

S - Radio 4 was just the last (or latest) straw for me, general bah seems to sum it up.

Bob Jacobs said...

Bless you, Sara Crowley, for being such a good friend to the short story for so long with your super-special short story stands.

Every Waterstones should have a Sara Crowley.

Unknown said...

Hey Rachel - the cool fox cover is Breece D'j Pancake's Collected Stories. Very good words indeed!

Tania - BAH!

Bob - :) Shucks

CL Taylor said...

Oooh makes me all nostalgic for Brighton and I only left in June! Bad timing on my part too as my 2nd book, Home For Christmas, is set in Brighton and I won't be there to promote it when it comes out in November :(

CL Taylor said...

P.s. One of my friends was in the police parade at Pride and she said how touched they were by the support they received this year

. said...

Breece Pancake is one of my favorite authors. I used to handsell that book like mad to anyone who'd take it during my ten-year stint as a bookseller. I think I sold something like 200 copies over the years.

Your shop looks wonderful and fun to work in.

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