Friday, July 07, 2006

Douglas Coupland "J-Pod"

Hmmm. Well I was thrilled to purchase the limited edition hardback complete with stuck on "Doug" squiggle and J-Pod figure. I adored the typography as I flicked through. I anticipated reading it much as one does a particulaly delicious treat. Once I began, however, I kept putting it down and not bothering to pick it up again for a few days. I loved "Hey nostradamus!" so very much, it explored god and God and nature and life and death and love in such a subtle and light way. I felt it was incredibly profound and J-Pod would therefore be its polar opposite; ultra light and all about the gags. The story romps along with characters who never become more than their sketchy (lazy?) profiles and who could care about them or their adventure?
I am used to his work veering from great to just alright, but I am disappointed. It won't put me off buying his next novel though, I will always make time for his writing which at its best is gorgeous.


MarkFarley said...

I got the proof of this waiting to be read. It looks a bit mad.

Unknown said...

It's actually a bit disappointing. Delicious, but disappointing.

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