Sunday, April 15, 2007

Customary customer post.

"Why don't you have a business section?"
"We do, it's on the 4th floor."
"I've just been up there, where exactly is it?"
"It's on the 4th floor, on the left of the till point."
"No, it's not."
"Erm, yes, it is."
"It must be tiny then."
"It's quite substantial actually. Was there a particular book you were looking for? I can check on the computer and see if we have it in stock."
"No, I want to browse."
"Well, like I say, it's up on 4th."
"Where? There's the coffee shop, and then the cookery books..."
"That's the 3rd floor."
"Oh. Right. There's another floor is there?"
"Yes," quietly "the 4th."


Jessica said...

I am always surprised by the number of floors in your shop, they seem to go on forever. Very tiring to get to the top! Could you arrange it so the philosophy and literary classics are on the bottom floor?

pierre l said...

Perhaps the customer was North American and thought you entered on the first floor.

Unknown said...

jessica, we havemoved classics to 1st (which makes so much more sense having them with fiction rather than history!) but philosophy remains on 4th, and whooo, those stairs puff me out!

pierre we have many customers who think ground is 1st, I am used to that and not irritated in any way by it. This woman was British, and rude, and rather insistent that I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

"it must be tiny, then" !! classic!!! this made me laugh out loud.......

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