Saturday, April 26, 2008

Writer's Market UK 2009

Writer's Market commissioned me to write an article for their 2009 edition. (It was one of those exciting things I didn't want to talk about in case I somehow jinxed it!) It has now been published and is available in all good bookshops ( Waterstones)

It was quite weird to go to work and see a pile of these in our reference section and know that I'm in it!


pierre l said...

Good for you! I see that my local branch has some stock (but only one bar, compared with your branch's three bars). I was in there today; and I guess I'll have to back tomorrow.
I remember you saying that you had done some reviews for a newsletter - was that for your branch only?

Unknown said...

Hi pierre. Yes, each branch does their own individual newsletter. I interviewed Vanessa Gebbie in our latest one. If you would like a copy I can post you one, but I warn you now, it is just a folded bit of paper, nothing fancy!

Tania Hershman said...

Hey, that's great! How exciting... I doubt I will be able to get hold of a copy over here. What did you write about?

Kerry said...

Congratulations - I'll be picking up my copy - very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I will have to get a copy. Nice one.

Jenn said...

*Spam Warning*

Sara, this is to thank you for registering your interest in (being plugged and spammed about) top secret good things about to be revealed soon. On friday, to be precise.


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