Saturday, February 05, 2011

The First Time at HOUSEFIRE

I received an invitation to write a story for new magazine HOUSEFIRE. They had specific instructions about what they wanted:

"Your story should be called "The first time". Your story should involve romance in some way. The story can be absurd, or surreal, or structurally unconventional. It can not involve violence, or popular monsters (vampires, zombies, et cetera). It can not have anything to do with drugs. It can not have anything to do with food. It should not mention dogs or children. Nothing conventional."

If you'd like to see what I came up with please read The First Time.

Thanks to Riley Michael Parker for asking me. I'm glad to be part of this and amongst some pretty darn cool writers.


dan powell said...

Very much enjoying the 'First Time' fiction over on Housefire - great news that you're writing one. Will look forward to seeing your take on the prompt.

Rachel Fenton said...

I'm right there with the boils on the chin! Loved it. Congrats!

danpowell said...

Love the fact it has such a soft tender center in the middle of all the boils and pus.

Bob Jacobs said...

Read it. Enjoyed it. Knew I would.

Unknown said...

Thank you Dan - eww at the soft centre!

Cheers Rachel!

And Bob, that's much appreciated, thank you.

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