Thursday, December 01, 2011

Tiny things

My teeny story "Glimmer" is in a new magazine called "What the Dickens" - you can read it here, alongside words by Kirsty Logan, Angela Readman and Sandy East (amongst others).

I like wigleaf very much. It's the coolest, smartest lit kid on the block. They just tweeted "Pre-written Facebook statuses (to save people time): "I'm rich!" "I'm smart!" "I play with the big boys!" "I'm talented!" "I'm important!""
Hee hee.

I feel the need to mention Pan Am. It's clearly a Mad Men wannabe with no substance and nowhere near as much style as it wishes it had. I have to watch though because - Donna from Neighbours! Also, what the fuck is Christina Ricci doing? She seems to be channeling Betty Boop. 

In other bad telly news I am persevering with The Ringer purely because, y'know, she was Buffy. It reminds me of Sunset Beach in both a good and bad way. Also it seems clear that Sarah Michelle Gellar is not so great an actress but Whedon is such a genius it wasn't a problem.



Aging Ophelia said...

Small things can be fun.

Bob Jacobs said...

Loved reading Glimmer, you clever little monkey.

Sarah Hilary said...

Wigleaf is FAB. Also, your story is FAB.

Pan Am, not so much. I gave up on it after four episodes. Made me want to be watching Mad Men.

I'd watch The Ringer if I could, for the same reasons you're watching. Thank goodness The Mentalist continues to be good (loved the red balloon episode, although last night's hustle was a bit daft. On the other hand, we got to see Cho's forearms. Always a pleasure, never a chore).

Now I have lowered the tone of your blog, I shall depart. Bye!

Ethel Rohan said...

"Glimmer" is beautiful, Sara, so evocative and a beautiful closing scene and last line. Beautiful magazine layout and design too. Congratulations.

Unknown said...

Thanks for reading heavy hedonist :)

Bob - aww, cheers!

Sarah - Oh my goodness - Cho's arms are awesomeness!

Ethel - Thank you for reading and being so kind :)

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