Monday, April 02, 2012

Kill Author - Dorothy's Shoes

I'm pleased that Kill Author have published "Dorothy's Shoes". My flash is an entirely fictional account of the suicide of Dorothy Edwards. The actual details known about her life, writing, and suicide are the kind one does not forget. Her suicide note is shocking. I keep wondering what happened to her shoes.

I've had several responses to this piece from people saying they had not heard of Edwards. Her one collection of short stories - Rhapsody, and her only novel - Winter Sonata, are usually available from Waterstones Brighton and are well worth reading.


Tania Hershman said...

What a terribly tragic story, hers, I mean, and a wonderful, tragic story, yours. I hadn't heard of her but will seek out her stories. Glad you brought her to our attention, and congrats on the publication.

dan powell said...

A sad and beautiful piece Sara. Like Tania, I hadn't heard of Dorothy Edwards before but her collection just made my wish list on your recommendation.

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