Saturday, March 29, 2008

The usual, except this time I'm being a bit gushy.

 Sometimes I feel lucky. I know I moan about the bookshop, or rather, the customers, but really, it's pretty cool bananas.

I work one day a week at the moment, in the coolest bookshop I know. Not only that, but I work in my favourite section; fiction. I work with some very funny, intelligent and lovely people. I honestly really like my managers! I wanted a short story section and they said sure, go ahead, order in what you like. Seriously. It's fun. I also get proof copies to read, and discount on books I buy. 

So, a little 'yay', today.

The usual customer arse though.

A  well dressed older man and his wife bought 2 hard back books priced £16.99 each, but with orange stickers on the front that said there was £4 off, plus a book at £6.99. He watched me put it through the till, and the way it works is that the discounts come off automatically at the end. So he saw £16.99, £16.99, £6.99 go in, and queried the total. I am used to that, I understand it, do it myself in other stores, "Did it take the discount off?"
So, I smiled, I said yes, the total was  £32.97, and would have been £40.97 without discount. I tried to make it clear. He paid, I packed his bag, asked if he wanted the receipt in the bag or not. He took it, and scanned it. I waited.

Now, if he had said something along the lines of 'Oh, sorry, I don't see the discount' or whatever I would have carried on not minding. But of course he didn't. He triumphantly shouted "Hold on! You haven't taken the discount off. I told you you hadn't. Look here." And he showed me the receipt, and I pointed out the places where it showed the discount, and he blushed, but didn't apologise, and moved slightly away from the counter.

Unfortunately for him his wife hadn't heard any of this, she'd wandered off for a while, but she returned, and wanted to browse the books at the counter, and smile at me, and make little friendly comments. So he was stuck, awkwardly ignoring me, feeling daft I hope.

And that's what I don't understand. Mistakes happen, we're all human, why do people ever feel the need to be shitty about the tiny things in life. There are so many big, crappy things that can happen, how on earth do these people cope with real problems?


pierre l said...

The poor woman has to live with him all the time. "did you remember to get the bread - I don't see it - are you sure?".
Every time you write about your bookshop, I come closer to thinking that I must visit it someday. I really must see you fiction and short story tables. The only trouble is that I probably have copies of most of your recommendations already (I do buy books much faster than I can read them).

Vanessa Gebbie said...

huh... even I know that 2x 17 plus 7 isnt 32, and I had to have special help for the 11 plus...

E.P. Chiew said...

You're right, people don't apologize anymore.

Hiya, Sara, good to find you on blogger.
And thanks for strolling by my corner.
See you there more often!

How are things with you writingwise?

Unknown said...

Hi Elaine, thanks for popping in!

How is my writing going? Hmmm, any minute now I'm about to be fabulous ;)

How about you?

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