Friday, April 24, 2009

"Four Skulls"

I'm happy to say that my small piece "Four Skulls" has just gone up at Camroc Press Review.


Roger Gordy said...

Simply brilliant. I laughed, I cried, I saw elephants. Thank you, Roger

Douglas Bruton said...

Not sure of the title, but I like the lost friends that they have become at the end. That is so real. And I liked seeing elephants in the sky whenever you look up.

Fab, Sara.


Pauline M said...

This is great, Sara.

Loved the description of their youthful happiness.

great last line.



Unknown said...

Roger ~ Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving that lovely comment. Much appreciated.

Douglas ~ Thanks. The title is very important and meaningful to me as the piece is one of several I have written in memory of my friend Matt. He was at one time in a band called "What Four Skulls."

Pauline ~ Thank you. Kind of you to take the time to read and comment.

Douglas Bruton said...

I can see why that would be meaningful to you Sara.

Well done.


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