Tuesday, May 07, 2013


It's hard to believe that there have been five years without Matt. I'm lucky, he's still in my heart, and my head, I can read his words and listen to his music, I can still conjure him, but damn, he's missed. This is track 7 from his album Evenings of Ordinary Sand - 15 Yayli Tanbur Taksimleri, and it'd be good if you took the time to listen (if you feel like it). Matt played the Yayli Tanbur beautifully. Not only was he the best bass player I've ever heard, he also adored more unusual instruments too, the oddest being the trumpet marine. The illustrations are his too.


Rachel Fenton said...

Beautiful piece of music, sad but restful but uplifting. To have someone care so much is a rare and special thing. Matt's music and art: treasures. Thinking of you x

Unknown said...

Oh thank you Rachel. I appreciate you listening, and commenting.

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